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Molten Warcraft
Are you looking for Molten WoW? Yes, it is Molten, and yes it is Warcraft - Molten Warcraft! Ok, putting the lame joke aside, the name is actually Molten WoW, it is the largest free World of Warcraft private server in the world to date. With currently eight realms to choose from, each with thousands of players simultaneously online. And when I say thousands, that's more than an average of 2,000 players online on each realm! So you could just imagine how big this private server is! The server is continuously growing, with currently two expansions to choose from, so you can definitely play the World of Warcraft version you actually want! Molten WoW admins and developers are very professional and are continuously updating the server with new content, events, fixes, new realms, and in the future more expansion options! It is not surprising why this server has become so famous.  I also won't be surprised if Molten WoW surpasses the real thing in a few years...

Come and join to see for yourself.  For Molten Warcraft! : )